MYNA Productions Data Privacy Policy

MYNA Productions respects your right to privacy. This policy summarizes what personal information we may collect, how this information may be used and other important topics relating to your privacy and data protection.

It is MYNA productions policy to comply with all applicable privacy and data protection laws. Our commitment reflects the significance we place on the trust we earn and keep from our customers, applicants, employees, business partners and others who share their personal information with us as this Policy applies to all that was mentioned.

As used in this policy, “personal data” means data, whether true or not, about customers, applicants, employees, business partners and others who share their personal information with us who can be identified from that data and/or other information to which we have or are likely to have access. Personal data which we may collect includes, without limitation, are (a) name or alias, gender, date of birth, nationality, and country and city of birth; (b) mailing address, telephone numbers, email address and other contact details; (c) billing information (d) resume, educational qualifications, professional qualifications and certifications and employment references; (e) employment and training history; (f) work-related health issues and disabilities; and (g) photographs.

We generally collect personal data that have been knowingly and voluntarily provided to us in the course or in connection with any transaction with us i.e, but not limited to, purchase of goods or products, job applications to us, contracts of service with us. For job applications, personal data will be used in (a) assessing and evaluating your suitability for employment in any current or prospective position within the organisation; and (b) verifying your identity and the accuracy of your personal details and other information provided. The purposes may continue to apply even in the situations the relationships with these parties with use (for example, pursuant to a contract) has been terminated or altered in any way, for a reasonable period thereafter (including, where applicable, a period to enable us to enforce our rights under any contract with these parties). We may retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they were collected, or as required or permitted by applicable laws. We will cease to retain your personal data, or remove the means by which the data can be associated with you, as soon as it is reasonable to assume that such retention no longer serves the purposes for which the personal data were collected, and are no longer necessary for legal or business purposes.

We may revise this Policy from time to time without any prior notice. You may determine if any such revision has taken place by referring to the date on which this Notice was last updated. Your continued transactions with us constitute your acknowledgement and acceptance of such changes.